Virtual Therapy Activities & Interaction

Even before the COVID pandemic, virtual therapy was on the rise. At Magnolia Behavioral Therapy we embrace the latest technology to help children on the Autism Spectrum by offering a variety of virtual therapy services. This can sometimes be included as part of an in-home treatment plan or to help small groups of children to interact, meet measurable goals, and facilitate friendships.

Magnolia Behavioral Therapy employs remote virtual technology in a variety of ways. Sessions can be based on your schedule and are available Monday through Friday. Each is targeted to the developmental needs, behaviors, and functioning level of the child.

Virtually Guided Activities

Advancements in virtual technology enable a wide range of fun activities. Each will be specifically tailored to your child’s age and developmental goals.

Virtual Social Opportunities

Virtual technology can also open up social opportunities for your child by letting them interact and play with other kids virtually without risk of exposure. This is a great way to help your child maintain and build social skills even if medical or other concerns limit their ability to leave the home.

  • Storytime book reading
  • One-on-one conversations
  • Small group conversations
  • Virtually guided building with blocks
  • Virtual games
  • In-home art projects
  • Singing songs


Family engagement plays a key role in ABA therapy success for children on the autism spectrum and those dealing with associated behavioral issues. As your trusted guide our therapists help support you by offering one-on-one virtual parent training.

Not only does this give you a portal to express your concerns and ask questions, but it also helps us compassionately guide you through topics and therapeutic practices that will arm you with the skills you need to help your child meet their milestones.

Virtual Groups

Many hands-on parents who are engaged in in-home ABA therapy treatment plans find it beneficial to connect and collaborate with other parents. To that end, Magnolia Behavior Therapy offers a variety of virtual group parenting training sessions.

It is an opportunity for you to connect with other parents who have children at a similar stage. It’s also an opportunity for our ABA experts to provide multiple parents with similar training, as well as an engaging question and answer session. In some instances, this can also be a key portal toward setting up social interaction times for children to have a virtual meetup or virtual playdate.

  • Developing plans and setting new therapy goals
  • Reviewing materials
  • Developing or making thoughtful changes in routines
  • Collaborating with our team of ABA therapists
  • Safety tips
  • Question & Answer sessions