Naturalistic Teaching

14 04, 2023

What is Naturalistic Teaching For ABA Therapy

2023-04-14T08:28:25-07:00April 14, 2023|Behavior Therapists, Education|0 Comments

Naturalistic Teaching is one of ABA therapy’s core techniques for helping individuals with autism spectrum disorder and similar mood disorders to learn new skills and healthy socialization habits. It has specific approaches in classrooms as well as in clinical settings to help individuals with autism spectrum disorder to live their best possible life. The approach behind naturalistic teaching emphasizes contextual learning. It is often used as an alternative to discrete [...]

14 04, 2023

How To Use Applied Behavior Analysis In A Classroom

2023-05-15T08:51:20-07:00April 14, 2023|Behavior Therapists|0 Comments

A lot of professional teachers and special educators use applied behavior analysis strategies to help modify student behavior in the classroom. In truth ABA therapy techniques aren’t just the “Gold Standard” for treating individuals with autism spectrum disorder. Its foundational strategies and techniques are also perfectly at home in a classroom setting. At its core, ABA therapy employs five specific teaching techniques that are research-based and data-driven to alter negative [...]