Magnolia Behavior Therapy provides Certified Behavior Technicians (CBT’s), in addition to our BCBA’s to to deliver ABA Therapy for children with Autism. While each Behavior Technician possesses his or her own unique qualities and level of experience, each of our Behavior Technicians have met national and state criteria that exceeds minimum requirements.

Each of our Behavior Technicians have completed a minimum of 48 semester hours of college courses in an accredited college or university. The most common degrees earned include; Behavioral Sciences, Psychology or a related field such as; Education, Human development, or Social Work/Behavioral Health.

Each of our Behavior Technicians have also undergone an extensive criminal background check which includes the List of Excluded Individuals/Entities (LEIE). completed at least 40 hours of training in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) techniques in accordance with the BACB Guidelines for Responsible Conduct for Behavior Analysts, met additional training requirements under our Behavioral Health Agency (BHA) license with the WA State Department of Health (DOH) and, obtained an individual WA State license to practice as a Certified Behavior Technician (CBT). In addition, our CBT’s hold, or are in the process of acquiring, a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) credential from the Behavior Analysis Certification Board (BACB).

Our Certified Behavior Technicians (CBT)


Hannah Donaldson CBT
Tony Farmer CBT
Kaylen Rainbolt CBT
Grace Crowley CBT
Angie Hoffman CBT, RBT
Tara Librojo RBT,CBT
Vanessa Cudy RBT,CBT


Makenzie Arnold CBT
Julia Eke CBT
Page Thompson CBT
Kaylah Barrett CBT
Stefanie Brandt CBT
Malcolm Coffman CBT
Leah McMhahon RBT,CBT
Celeste Johnson RBT,CBT
Kori Holt RBT,CBT


Jill Young CBT, RBT
Kendell Marshall CBT, RBT
Taylor Bacon CBT, RBT
Laura Hagenbarth CBT, RBT
Nicole Langsam CBT, RBT
William Moody CBT, RBT
Amber Greget RBT,CBT
Amber Griggs RBT,CBT

Maple Valley / Eastside

Anastasiya Shevchuk CBT


Dakota Stahl-Smith CBT, RBT
Camille Galeno CBT, RBT
Ivie Gaudette CBT, RBT
Katie Wyckoff CBT, RBT
Anne Rust CBT,RBT
Kristina Bermoy RBT,CBT
Jessica Davis RBT,CBT
Mindy Falkner RBT,CBT
Kailey Sunagel RBT,CBT
Hannah Toliver RBT,CBT


Savannah Ashdown CBT, RBT
Gabrielle Taylor CBT, RBT
Leah Tangeman CBT, RBT
Andrea Bartel CBT, RBT
Lara Putnam CBT, RBT
Amber Ramirez CBT, RBT
Molly Shekell CBT, RBT
Ariel Follansbee CBT, RBT
Aaliyah Imran CBT, RBT
Ondranesha Wright CBT, RBT
Teeya McLean CBT, RBT
Anastasia Fowler CBT, RBT
Criquet Summerlin CBT, RBT
Carlee Joseph RBT
Jazzmyne Bledsoe RBT,CBT
Joyce Nicole Butler RBT,CBT
Ashley Carter RBT,CBT
Shamus Cassidy RBT,CBT
Alaina Cowell RBT,CBT
Summer Cromwell RBT,CBT
Sabrina Harrell RBT,CBT
Nell Hathaway RBT,CBT
Brandi Leiren RBT,CBT
Danielle Mason RBT,CBT
Chandrea Pugh RBT,CBT
Maura Winter RBT,CBT
Tulani Amy Wesley RBT,CBT