Expert Therapy For Children Age 2 – 18

Decades of experience, research, and success have shown that some children make better progress on the Autism Spectrum through In-Home ABA therapy. For some children, this might start out with an in-home treatment strategy that then evolved into out-of-home treatment or other venues. Magnolia Behavior Therapy customizes the approach to your child’s comfort level and their goals.

Our ABA therapists provide your child with the best possible treatment techniques. This is by applying time-tested ABA strategies using a methodical and measurable approach. We use a Holistic discipline that focuses on compassion and connection to help all children in our care to realize the best clinical outcomes.

Magnolia Behavior Therapy employs a data-driven approach that is designed to incorporate the latest technologies as part of the process. This ensures that your child receives the best possible individualized treatment. This process also relies closely on a collaborative partnership with the entire family.

Our In-Home ABA Therapy Process

  • Contact Magnolia Behavior Therapy

  • Child Assessment

  • Treatment Planning

  • Personalized Care At-Home

  • Parent Training

  • Milestone Improvements

We make every effort to ensure that you have all the educational resources and supplies that you need to support your child on their journey toward breakthrough after breakthrough. This can include one-on-one training in your home, online resources, or virtual training sessions. The goal is to make sure parents, family members, and caregivers have everything they need to help your child meet their ASD milestones.

Getting Started With Magnolia Behavior Therapy