At Magnolia Behavior Therapy, we use a multi-tiered approach to developing a customized, personalized therapy process. This helps us accurately assess your child’s current needs as well as their potential for progress. Along the way, we make sure to empower parents and the rest of the family on the journey toward helping your child on the autism spectrum to reach higher and higher milestones toward living their best life.


The first step in the process calls for an in-depth consultation. Magnolia Behavior Therapy’s experts interview parents, family members, and caregivers to get a clear picture of your child’s current skills and areas where they show the potential for improvement. For school-age children, this might include consulting with their teachers and other educational professionals.

Intake Insurance Eligibility

At Magnolia Behavior Therapy we want the focus to always be on your child, as well as your efforts to support your child’s progress. The last thing we want is for unexpected medical bills, co-pays, and coverage concerns to interrupt the journey toward meeting your child’s goals.

That’s why our meticulous intake process includes a thorough review of your insurance coverage to assess all levels of insurance eligibility. Not only does this help later in developing a holistic treatment strategy, but it can also catch any potential holes in your existing insurance coverage. As industry experts, we can often help patients find supplemental coverage or ways they can make changes in their insurance coverage to ensure all their child’s needs are met.

Initial Assessment. Treatment Plan. Therapist Matching.

Many of the patients who come to Magnolia Behavior Therapy will come from referrals from your pediatrician. Though even if you are approaching us directly without a referral, you can always trust that we will bring the highest level of diagnostic expertise to thoroughly assess your child’s current skills, functioning, age-related skills, and identify their potential for ABA therapy success.

This might start with an in-home evaluation to engage your child in a place where they feel comfortable and at ease. This can also be a great way to facilitate trust and openness to accurately evaluate your child’s place on the autism spectrum.

Clinical evaluation might also be needed for certain diagnostics. At every step along the way, our experts focus on maintaining your child’s comfort level while assessing their challenges and opportunities for improvement.

At the end of the evaluation and assessment process, we will provide you with recommendations and a clear understanding of how ABA therapy can help your child make increasing breakthroughs. This initial treatment strategy will also help you connect with the key members of our care team while providing you with the resources you need to continue to support your child’s success at every step along the way.

If you ever have a question or concern, our expert care team is available to respond via phone, e-mail, text, or video conference.

Monitoring & Quality Assurance

As industry leaders in ABA therapy and cutting-edge treatment strategies for autism spectrum disorder, we understand that your child’s needs will change over time. This includes our care team monitoring your child’s progress at every step along the way. With each breakthrough milestone, we assess your child’s progress and measure it against established criteria and goals.

Our data-driven approach to ABA therapy is applied to the holistic therapy process. Our care team members strive to provide your child with the highest levels of care. This is ensured by our dedication to transparency and engagement throughout the monitoring process.

Parent Training

At Magnolia Behavior Therapy we believe that children on the autism spectrum show the highest ABA therapy success rates when parents, loved ones, and caregivers are fully engaged in the process. That’s why we strive to provide you with all the resources you need to support your child’s progress through every breakthrough milestone.

This starts with education resources and parenting training. We can do this in-home, in-person in the clinical setting, or via virtual online meetings. Many parents also appreciate the opportunity to connect with other parents who are supporting their children on a similar journey, through online group parenting training.

Whatever method works best for you, you can always trust that Magnolia Behavior Therapy’s ABA experts are partnered with your family to support your child’s continuing success.