Why Center-Based ABA Therapy

Every child is unique and every child on the autism spectrum has their own unique skills and needs. Making sure that these needs are met compassionately, while meeting treatment goals often requires some degree of one-on-one direct therapy. This customized, and personalized approach helps boost your child’s skills and meet milestones while encouraging engagement.

Get direct access to program supervisors in an optimal setting to increase the likelihood of your child’s social development, communication, language & social skills. The structured environment can include socialization with peers, that can improve behaviors for your child’s potential at the right intervention points.

One-on-One ABA Therapy Sessions

Direct engagement is often a key component in helping a child on the autism spectrum to confidently reach their milestones. It is also an opportunity for therapists to deepen their trusted connection with your child, which further facilitates social skills.

We take a customized and personalized approach to helping you and your child with a wide range of focused skills. The goal is to create a program that addresses specific skill development as well as boosting your child’s confidence. Direct one-on-one ABA therapy can be used to make targeted improvements in their individualized needs.

Group-Based ABA Therapy Sessions

Your child will be placed in a group of their peers, overseen by a registered behavior technician to to assist in developing peer play, sociability, communication, academics, and group activities. Our supervisors assist in providing opportunities to facilitate new skills and interactions that  are typically not possible in a home-based setting. We provide a more consistent therapy experience for autistic children who need that routine environment.

Benefits Of Our Behavior Therapy Centers

Behavior Planning

Every child is unique and develops in their own individual way. Behavior planning is one of the most powerful tools that ABA therapists use to help address behavioral concerns, while also helping children on the autism spectrum to develop new healthy behaviors. Our expert therapists use ABA behavioral planning tools to look at the areas of behavior your child is expressing. This helps to identify areas of inappropriate behaviors while redirecting focus to supplementing them with functional behaviors.