Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) is a graduate-level certification in behavior analysis. These are individuals who supervise the work of Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analysts as well as Registered Behavior Technicians and other ABA professionals. It is of particular benefit for ABA practitioners and candidates working toward graduate-level certification who want to specialize in treating individuals on the autism spectrum.

Individualized ABA Programs Providing The Highest Standards For Your Child To Succeed

Our Board Certified Behavior Analyst supervisors provide effective and ethical behavioral intervention services to our clients. We work to constantly remain updated in their research of autism and autism spectrum disorders to ensure the programs they develop are the most effective possible supported by the best scientific evidence available. Working with each client on a highly individualized level, our BCBA supervisors provide service both in-home and at our locations.

Path To Life-Changing Therapy

Who Needs BCBA Supervision?

BCBA candidates who are dedicated to their professional development and meet the following requirements need BCA.

  • Eligibility for BACB Experience Standards toward an approved ABA Masters or certification program.
  • Employment or placement in an ABA setting with access to a clients
  • Consent from an employer or an on-site supervisor
  • Consent from a patient to be recorded or observed remotely
  • Completing 20-130 experience hours in a month

BCBA supervision tends to be of great benefit for ABA therapists and candidates who want to work with children and adults with autism spectrum disorder. At Magnolia Behavior Therapy we have specialists in this field who can help guide your certification training with this discipline.

How Does BCBA Supervision Work?

The intake process starts with a meeting to discuss and outline the specific requirements of the supervision program. This includes the specific curriculum requirements as well as how the program needs to be customized to your individual experience. Upon approval, you will review and sign the required supervision contract, followed by scheduling your first supervision meetings.

Weekly BCBA Supervision Meetings

Candidates typically need to check in once a week, this can usually be done online at a designated time. Most of these meetings will consist of terminology review, as well as ABA history, and concepts that are defined in the BACB Task List. This is typically followed by discussion, review, and feedback of assignments as well as possible review of previously recorded video sessions.

Credentialing and Certification

In addition to general training and education in Applied Behavior Analysis, Magnolia Behavior Therapy also offers supervisory services from experts in the ABA field. Our Board Certified Behavior Analysts can provide you with the level of high-quality supervision you need to maximize ABA education. To that end, we offer different supervision options to help candidates meet and exceed your goals as they work towards their BCBA, BCaBA, or RBT credential.

Our BCBA Leadership Team

Ralph Pampino, BCBA

President & Founder

Ralph Pampino is the owner of Magnolia Behavior Therapy. Ralph is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) serving the greater Seattle area with over seven years of experience in the fields of Applied Behavior Analysis and Special Education. Ralph has been applying his expertise in the Seattle and Puget Sound area since December of 2007.

Ralph has extensive experience in educational consulting, functional behavioral assessment, creating and implementing social and academic home programs, parent training, working with school districts, staff member training, the IEP process, and the development and implementation of positive behavior support plans,.

Ralph obtained his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from Florida State University and his Master of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of the Pacific. While still a graduate student, Ralph published several of his works in refereed academic journals and has presented his work at national and international conferences.

Ralph’s interests in future research and behavioral applications lie in the continued demonstration of behavior analysis as applied to real-life settings, the implementation of customized behavioral assessment techniques in the school and home settings, and the improvement and implementation of organizational behavior management strategies to address team/staff member efficiency, effectiveness and satisfaction.

Chelsea Travis

BCBA, Vice President of Operations

Chelsea is a Supervisor and MAC Coordinator at Magnolia. Chelsea enjoys celebrating with families when their child learns new and valuable skills! She has worked with clients, ages 2-23, with autism and emotional disorders. From managing Saturday Social Groups to supervising in-home therapy, Chelsea seeks to see clients thrive in day-to-day life. When she’s not at the MAC, Chelsea enjoys classic films, the gym, time with friends, and learning to row.

Trista Tempke


Trista Tempke has worked in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis since 2011. She earned her master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy at Antioch University. She completed her ABA coursework at Florida Institute of Technology. Trista joined the Magnolia team in June of 2016. Ensuring that her learners work hard, have fun, and build positive relationships with their therapists is of the utmost importance to Trista. In her work, she enjoys employing Skinner’s analysis of Verbal Behavior, and celebrating her learners successes. She finds working with the parents and families of learners fulfilling and an important part of promoting lasting change and generalization of a learner’s skills. Trista has lived in Olympia for ten years. She loves the feeling of community found in the South Sound and the easy access to nature.

Rhonda Kelsch


Rhonda enjoys providing and supervising behavior therapy (ABA Therapy) to children and adults. She also teaches parents, caregivers, and school staff how to utilize, and generalize, behavioral strategies for their specific child/client. Rhonda specializes in Behavioral Assessment, Functional Analysis and developing clients strengths through Positive Behavior Support Plans.

Ashley Carter



Ashley was born and raised in Tacoma, WA. She started her career in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis in April of 2017. In that time, she completed her Bachelors of Science in Family and Human Development, as well as, her Master’s of Education for Applied Behavior Analysis both of which she did through Arizona State University. Ashley joined the Magnolia team in September of 2018 and completed her fieldwork program with Magnolia. Being a BCBA since May 2021, Ashley exudes passion and excitement for the field and strives to help those she works with to live a happier and more fulfilling life. She will always go the extra mile to ensure the best care is given to her patients and their families.

Danielle Mason


Danielle has lived in Olympia for 16 years and enjoys all the amazing outdoor activities this area has to offer. Watching the kids and their families achieve new goals is the best part of her job. She has worked with kids ages 2-16 in both center and home locations. While she is not at work she enjoys volunteering at schools and with local agencies to put on community events for both kids and their families.

Jacie White


Jacie has worked in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis since 2014. She earned a Psychology degree from Washington State University in 2013 and her Masters in Special Education and Functional Analysis from Gonzaga University in 2018. Jacie has been with Magnolia since 2015, first as an RBT, and now as a BCBA with the Spokane Region. Her passions include parent education, early intervention and verbal behavior. Her interests outside of ABA include traveling, attempting to be a runner and being at the lake.

Katie Stewart


Katie has been working with children and families for 16 years. After receiving her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Washington in Seattle, she had intended to pursue a doctorate in Psychology, but instead fell in love with ABA. Changing career paths, Katie completed her graduate work at Florida Institute of Technology and earned her Master’s degree in Behavior Analysis. She joined Magnolia in 2013 and now works with families all around Kitsap County. Katie considers herself very fortunate to be involved in the lives of children and to watch them flourish and succeed. She and her husband have a small farm in Gig Harbor where they are ordered around by various misfit animals. They chose the beautiful Puget Sound area to raise and enjoy life with their two children, who are now both in college.

Nicole Joyce Butler


Nicole is a Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA) serving the Dupont region with over 3 years of experience in the field. She has worked with children aged 2-23 and enjoys teaching younger children verbal language using B.F. Skinner’s approach to Verbal Behavior. She also has experience helping clients with Autism and gastrointestinal illness. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Social Science with a minor in Psychology; completed her ABA coursework through the Florida Institute of Technology and continues on with Florida Institute of Technology towards a Masters of Arts in Behavior Analysis Practice. When she is not working with clients, Nicole enjoys crafting, managing a family of 6, and watching Survivor.

Stacey Shinn


​​Stacey first started working with kids with special needs in 2012, in Louisville KY while earning her bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Then in 2014 she started her Masters in ABA at Spalding University. After becoming a BCBA in 2016, she worked closely with a range of clients from adolescents to adults in their homes and communities. Several moves followed that along with jobs working in homes and a school system in New Mexico. She is now very happy to have landed in Washington and with MBT. She tries to always be helping her clients to make connections with their goals, their families and their social world. In her free time she loves spending time with her dog and husband exploring the outdoors.

Meagan Halligan


Meagan first began in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis after graduating from Western Washington University in 2011. While attending WWU she focused her studies on early child development and statistical analysis. After graduation she quickly found her dream job providing ABA therapy to children diagnosed with autism in both home and clinical settings. After experiencing the positive impact ABA therapy has on quality of life, she knew she had found more than just a job, she’d found a career she was truly passionate about. In 2013, she earned her BCaBA completing her ABA coursework through Florida Institute of Technology. She then moved back to the Seattle area and joined Magnolia’s amazing team of BCBAs and Behavior Technicians. In 2015, she obtained her Masters of Education with an emphasis on ABA Curriculum and Instruction from Arizona State University and became Board Certified Behavior Analyst shortly there after. Meagan appreciates the importance of individualized programing. By collaborating with families and all team members, she ensures that programs are impactful and generalized to daily life. In her personal time, Meagan enjoys spending time with her husband and son. They enjoy exploring the Pacific Northwest, camping, listening to music, getting crafty, playing games, and most of all spending quality time with family and friends.

Kayleigh Lutich


Kayleigh was born and raised in Arizona where she started her teaching career in 2012. After working as a middle school resource math teacher, she found her calling working at the elementary school in an inclusive district. The impact of inclusion and integrating all students into the classroom is a core value. During her teaching career Kayleigh was introduced to ABA and never looked back. In 2020 after 8 years in the teaching field she went back to pursue her degree in Applied Behavior Analytics from the University of Arizona. While teaching she earned her RBT and worked part time for an in-home ABA company until she earned her BCBA in 2021. After finishing up her school year she moved to Washington to join the Magnolia team! Kayleigh’s passion for progress and family involvement is evident in her programs and interactions with our families. In her personal time she enjoys playing with pets and spending time exploring the state.

Danielle is from Seattle, WA and has worked in the field of behavior analysis since 2014. She enjoys working with children and their families to achieve goals and promote independence. Her passions within the field include engaging in research opportunities, working with early learners, and teaching parents about behavior analysis. Danielle enjoys painting in her spare time and photographing nature.

Nell started in Early Intervention in 2009 as a Behavior Technician in California and has been at Magnolia since 2018. She received a Bachelors degree at The Evergreen State College in 2014 with a Foci in Design Education then graduated from Florida Institute of Technology with an MA in Behavior Analysis in 2021. Her focus is on self advocacy and autonomy. Nell is passionate about each individuals progress using up to date behavior technology to gain meaningful skills. Outside of the world of ABA, Nell enjoys hiking around Olympia, roller skating, and tinkering on crafting projects to woodworking.

Michelle Weible joined the field of ABA in 2013 after completing a master’s degree in Child Development with a concentration in Special Needs at Tufts University. After completing ABA coursework through the Florida Institute of Technology, Michelle became a BCBA in 2016. Since then, Michelle has become passionate about working with the unique neuro diversities of each individual to create socially significant and meaningful goals. Michelle is also a Safety-Care Trainer, working with behavior technicians to prevent, minimize, and manage behavioral challenges.


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